Goals for 2013 (aka: “I’ll do better this year”)

Goals for 2013 (aka: “I’ll do better this year”)

I know, I know; I’m three days late, and about four dollars short, posting my little list. Shoot me later, love me now.

2012 was a year of laziness across the board. Finances, health, career progression- everything just sort of lulled for 12 months. I’m not really in the mood to repeat that this year, so I’m giving this “goal-setting-task-achieving-progress-making-forward-moving” thing another go. It is my solemn prayer that my resolve can be strengthened, and my efforts blessed.

While I usually speak for Harli and I, this list is mine alone. He’s much more disciplined than me, and therefore doesn’t need to make actual resolutions. Don’t worry, he knows just how special he is.

On with it!


– Pay off all of Harli’s credit card debt, my smallest student loan, and at least half of my second smallest student loan. If we stick to the budget, we should have this nailed.

– Visit my family for two weeks in either June or August, and pay for every aspect of the trip without going into debt.

– Move into a bigger place when our lease ends in June. If we have the credit cards paid off by then, there’s no reason we won’t be able to afford to move.

– Save up for a new sofa

Personal Growth:

– Be Jesus-y. Listen to people. Help in practical ways. Hit my knees in prayer. Give away what I can’t lose.

– Complete the “Bible in one year” plan from Bible Gateway.

– Find a church and settle into it. Community is important, people.

– Volunteer time to causes that ignite that holy passion within me. This will more than likely be faith-based, but I’m not convinced that the Lord won’t put me in a large group of non-believers and say something to the tune of, “be my hands and feet, go!”

– Reign in my tongue. This is the first step to not finding my worth in the opinions and adoration of others. Being a people pleaser with odd boundaries is becoming a bit of a burden, kids.

– Complete six sewing projects

– Learn to drive on the left side of the road

– Read 25 books. If successful, next year I’ll break it down with specific titles.


– Lose 40kg (roughly 88lbs) Yes, this is a huge number, and yes I *do* have that much weight, plus much more, to lose.

– Add cardio exercise to at least five of my days each week. By the end of the year, I’d like to be able to run a mile without stopping. If I’m honest, I’ll admit that I usually count my daily walks between work and whatever public transport I’m catching that day (bus if I’m in the Gold Coast office; train if I’m working out of Brisbane for the week) as “exercise.” It’s not, and won’t be counted as such any longer. 😉


– Spend a weekend “away” for our Australian wedding anniversary in February.

– Start, and finish, three books together: one fiction, one practical, and one spiritual.


– Continue in my current position for the entire year. I love my job, the industry I’m a part of, and the company I work for.

– Cross-train in other areas of the company, in the interest of career progression and the challenge it presents.

I won’t bother with firm statements of “this year being different,” because I frankly have no clue what the year has in store. But, I know that God is good, and that it isn’t up to me to number my days. Whatever I do, or accomplish, is for His ultimate glory. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. xx


One thought on “Goals for 2013 (aka: “I’ll do better this year”)

  1. You can do it, Lana! You have such a thorough list and it’s honestly so motivating. I know that you can work hard and reach your goals, and it’s so good to see that things are looking up! Say hi to Harli for me!

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