Return of the Panda

Return of the Panda

Relax. It’s all gonna be just fine. Hush your crying. Shhhh…

Here I be. Back in your living room. Invading your laptop like it’s my job. I won’t go so far as to say that you should get used to seeing my particular brand of sorta-crunchy, Anabaptist, soft-hearted sarcasm- because let’s face it, I’m none too reliable these days- but I am hoping to start blogging more often. Maybe I’ll get around to genuinely sharing what life is like in our corner of the world, instead of just listing the high points. Dreams, eh?

The last six months have been incredible, and incredibly difficult. God has blessed us so thoroughly, and hasn’t shied from correcting and challenging me into shaping up, literally and figuratively.

In April we undertook a most underwhelming move, all the way across the hall. Yep, we moved from Unit 17, to Unit 18 in our apartment complex. There were a host of reasons for moving into our “new” place when the lease ended on our old one: the rent is $5/wk cheaper, our bond rolled over without issue, and its semi-furnished status cushioned the cost of buying a fridge, washing machine, bed, mattress, couch, and various kitchen implements that were provided in our previous, fully-furnished abode. Primarily, it was the easiest option, and as we don’t yet need a second bedroom, or radically more space, it seemed the wisest way to go.

We took a trip back to Iowa in May, and had a lovely time. Bittersweet, but good. Next time, I’ll plan a bit better. I hadn’t anticipated not having a car to drive during our 16 day visit, so my plans of seeing folk in other parts of the state quickly dried up. There are friends I’ll most likely never see again as a result of bowing out of promised visits, and that’s a bit hard to take some days. Overall, an amazing time with my dear sister, nephew, momma, and step-dad.

This winter (June-August) went by with minimal upset. To be honest, I can’t quite recall anything worth sharing from those months. Sad, because I’m sure there were moments that should be remembered.

As September comes to a close, there’s a noticeable excitement in the air. Christmas is less than three months away; my apartment balcony garden is sprouting, though I made the mistake of not labeling the pots, so I have no clue what is what; we’re on track to be debt free in a little less than two years; and Harli and I are both exercising more and eating better. (Nothing like a shocker on the scale to make our Friday night pizza a thing of the past. Poor Domino’s delivery guy is probably suffering the loss, too. He knew us by name, you know.)

I’m incredibly excited to see what’s in store for us as a couple, and where God is taking me personally. I’m still fighting a battle with ye olde serotonin, and some days are much murkier than others. It’ll all come good. In other news, I’m not sure when I’ll get used to the swapped seasons, but for now I’d be oh so happy if my body would quit freaking out with each “opposite” seasonal change. Like clockwork, I get mild bronchitis every 12 weeks. Nothing echinacea, essential oils, and a warm shower won’t cure, but oy if I’m not a grumpy thing this week.

This weekend is a long one thanks to the Aussie itch to call a national holiday without reason, so I’ll be spending the next two days stretched out on the sand. Or, I might be reading The Hobbit, watching movies, and Christmas shopping. 50/50, really 😉


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