That Post When I Quit Thinking About Sounding Smart

That Post When I Quit Thinking About Sounding Smart

Wanna know what my thoughts typically revolve around?  Hint: Not world peace, financial security, my future children, or anything of radical substance.

1. What’s for dinner. Included in this thought: what is on sale at Coles and Woolies (Australia’s duopoly of supermarkets), how much I love steak, and why I love to cook, but often order from Pizza Capers, instead.

2. Why I’m so frequently dissatisfied with the pretty simple admin jobs I keep getting. Perhaps it has to do with not feeling stretched in my abilities, which leads to a supernatural fear of messing up and thereby looking like a moron who isn’t capable of more than data entry. It could be to do with my disdain for being surrounded by gossipy womenfolk, who seem to populate offices no matter which country I live in. Maybe it’s just boring as celery, without the peanut butter, and I have too much time to think.

3. The blisters on the backs of my heels, and the still healing ligament in my right foot. My feet hate me, and I wish they’d shrink a size so I can start buying shoes in Australia. Not sure if we’ll ever reach an impasse on this one.

4. How much I want to go to church, and why I never do. I should stop thinking and start acting on this one, eh?

5. Whatever book I’m enjoying at the moment, and how much I’d rather be reading it than doing whatever else it is I’m doing.

6. The movie adaptation of The Hunger Games. Reading the first book in the series three times sort of backfired when we went to see the movie last night. I may or may not have spent the whole film screaming, “a good 60 pages were just skipped… Katniss WOULDN’T DO THAT!” in my head. (More on this after I’ve seen the movie a second time.  Harli and I see lots of movies twice, so we’ll be hitting “cheap Tuesday” and going again next week.)

7. When my baby sister is going into labor, and I can welcome my first biological nephew into the world. I already have two nephews via my sister-in-law, Joie, but I’d be lying if I said that there isn’t a special excitement to my sister’s pregnancy. Please keep her in your prayers 🙂


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