Goal Extravaganza 2012 Continues

Goal Extravaganza 2012 Continues

As I start the second week of goal-setting, home-making, big-word-using adulthood, here’s an update on what I set out to accomplish in the last seven days:

1. 20 minute work out each morning: Accomplished five out of the last seven days. In fact, two of those days included much more than 20 minutes, so I’m feeling pretty decent.

2. Shower every day: Only skipped once, and that’s because I was literally too tired to do anything but crawl into bed after the “big” day I had.

3. Complete the rag quilt for my soon-to-be-born nephew: After almost seven hours’ work, over the course of two days, I can call this “done.”

4. Deep clean our kitchen (including the fridge and stove,) shower room, toilet room (they’re separate- unusual, but oddly perfect depending on the situation.): Pretty much done. Still not sure about the smell, but we’re beginning to think it comes from our neighbor’s place, and just wafts in as we open the door.

5. Make dinner at home every night that we don’t have plans with my sister-in-law and her girlfriend. : Complete.

6. Eat a raw veggie, instead of something sweet, for snack time. : FAIL

7. Keep the laundry under control.: Done, with the exception of Harli’s work shirts, which are done in a single load on Sunday afternoons.


Now, on to next week. Bearing in mind that my SIL, and her partner, are here until Wednesday, and the impact this has on my usual schedule when I’m not working, here we go. Woot.

1. 20 minutes of exercise each day–  this is something I want to continue, so will show up every week. Look forward to it 🙂

2. No “sweet” baking. No cookies, candy, cake, breads, crisps, crumbles, or other wicked food, will be made by my hands.

3. Read two books. New books? Re-read favorite books? Play it by ear.

4. Catch up, and continue, my Bible reading plan. Little tricky, given that it’s been awhile since I was on track with this, but I’d like to finish the Bible by the time we leave to visit my family in a few months.

5. Continue the job hunt. All prayers are appreciated. I’ll know the outcome of a fairly promising interview in about a week. Fingers crossed!

6. Research, plan, prepare for some upcoming purchases/events. Vague, I know. Sorry.

7. Spend time in prayer every day. This takes way more discipline than I care to admit.

8. (Bonus!) WEAR SUNSCREEN. I currently have one sunburn in the shape of a bib, where my tank top and shrug did not protect my porcelain skin from the noonday sun, as well as another in the shape of my sunglasses. Every inch of my skin that I applied sunscreen to is fine. If I’m going to continue living near the beach, then this irritating task has to become routine.



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