I have ten Talents

I have ten Talents

What do I do with them? (Reference Matthew 25, or Luke 19- take your pick)

After 19 minutes on the phone with my best friend, I’m on my knees in gratitude. The LORD has used her so many times to bring me back to zero, in the best way possible. The ugly emotions I hide seem to just evaporate when I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have this life, and how far from my daydreams others’ lives really are.

I’m blessed beyond what I’ll ever hope to deserve. God’s given me so much, and I’m convicted for what I know won’t be the last time for not thanking Him, or using my gifts. I get so easily caught up in wishing I was somewhere else in this journey that I don’t appreciate where I am.

I’m not saying that I’m an amazing specimen of Yankee goodness, nor do I profess to be little more than a worm. And, I won’t spout the cliche of being “not perfect, just forgiven.” I’m ordinary. Unremarkable, but important to God. He’s given us all something to do while we dwell in this world, and I’m pretty darn sure that I’m not abiding in that promise with my incessant kvetching. How can I go on wasting the opportunity to be a city on a hill? **

I have no idea what my mission is, but I’m certain that gratitude is the beginning of re-discovering my worth and identity in the LORD. He’s the one who knit me together, and He’s the only one who can refine and polish me.

** How arrogant does that sound? I battle my own rhetoric so often when posting these thoughts; I refuse to say what I’m thinking in plain English, and then lose my fire by the time I’ve crafted the flowery goodness I love so much. What I want to convey: God is amazing, and I’m glad that He’s the only real source of Grace. He’s given me heaps, and I know I’m not doing anything with what I have.  I want to be a benefit to His Kingdom, rather than a needy child. The words “get off your ass” seem to be pretty clear in this case.



One thought on “I have ten Talents

  1. Hi there, I think sometimes we get so focused on what we are supposed to be and what are call is and how we are gonna be used. It ends up beign a distraction and even a burden. The greatest and only call the Lord has for us, is to be His child. When we truly understand what it means to be His son/daughter, we will not need any other title.

    Focus on being His child and what that means and you will be well on your way to using your talents.


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