Happenings in Paterson Plaza

Happenings in Paterson Plaza

For those of you just itching to know, here’s a little update on what’s going on in my corner of the world. In case any of you have forgotten, I live in Australia, where we stop in the middle of the highway to let kangaroos pass (Christmas Eve 2010,) flush the toilet the other way, and operate 16 hours ahead of US Central Time. Yes, I do live in “tomorrow.” No, you haven’t missed much, and no, I haven’t heard that joke before.

– My beautiful little sister is expecting her first child- a boy- in late March/early April. He’ll be the coolest little boy, ever, and I can’t wait to meet him. Am I a little jealous that she’s beating me to the “first grandchild” trophy? Maybe. Am I nervous for what’s to come for both of them? Absolutely. Am I overjoyed? No question. Despite having several friends with children, my sister’s pregnancy marks my first realization that there is LIFE dwelling within the womb. The Lord is bringing a precious creation into the world through my sister. What an amazing blessing.

– I still can’t walk very well. It’ll be at least three more weeks before I’m allowed to exercise, and my foot is still pretty puffy. I really hate the effect this is having on my overall wellness, and look forward to returning to my Wii and Kinect workouts.

– Remember how I said we’d be moving? As it turns out, we’ll be staying in the Shoebox until at least mid-April due to a combination of misinformation by our Property Manager, our indecision as to where we’d like to move, and general monetary concerns. I’m not concerned, as the Shoebox serves us just fine.

– My new job is pretty boring. After two intense interviews, three reference checks totalling over two hours in phone time, and an application process that included an essay, I’m just a bottom-of-the-pile Admin on a contract until the end of September 2012. The commute adds an extra 90 minutes to my day, which makes me grouchy. I’m grateful for the role, but it’s pretty far from what I signed up for.

– Christmas 2011 is quickly becoming a handmade holiday. Not intentional- I just need something to occupy myself during weekends and evenings when there’s nothing good on TV.

– Two books worth reading: What’s So Amazing About Grace by Phillip Yancey, and Erasing Hell by Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle. Read first, ask questions later. 🙂 I’ll probably review the latter once I’ve finished it, but I make no promises. My expository confidence is pretty shaky right now.

And…that’s about it.


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