I’m Sew Cool

I’m Sew Cool

Just ask my husband, and my momma 😉

For my 25th birthday, my darling husband gifted me with something my little heart wanted desperately: a sewing machine. This desire was two-fold. First, I have a mom who is a pretty decent seamstress, crafting diapers, curtains, doll clothes, and a number of our Halloween costumes. She was given her sewing machine by my grandmother when she was 25, so there’s a good history.

Second, as much as I am a product of my generation- university graduate, “good” job, plenty of stamps on my passport- I love everything to do with making, and keeping, my home and family.

My first project: gifts for the several babies whose birth our family is eagerly awaiting. Given that I haven’t touched a sewing machine since I made a gym bag in 8th grade, I figured a simple Rag Quilt would be a good place to start. In the last few days, I’ve made two of these blankets, and am reasonably pleased with the results. There are flaws, but a lot of love poured into both creations.

The first was for a friend’s daughter, back in the US. I might always refer to her as “Little Girl.” I know she’s going to be a bright light to those who know her. She has an amazing mom, dad, and older brother; they are a beautiful family, and I thank God every day for their selfless example.

Aren't the birdies adorable?

The second blanket belongs to our nephew, Mr. Adam. I feel especially blessed to have the opportunity to make it, as there is much to pray about when it comes to this little boy.

Blue and green tugboats for the "Little Prince," as his mummy calls him.

Not to sound like a dork, but I really enjoyed the hours spent making these simple blankets. It was a good opportunity to really pray for the children who they’ll be wrapped around, and celebrate their futures. I love giving gifts, and I thoroughly believe that homemade presents are finest. Best: it’s beyond time to break out of this “me, me, me, me, me” season, and start doing for others.

Next project: Felt food for our three year old nephew, Luca. Christmas is just six weeks away!


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