“Nothing is broken”

“Nothing is broken”

… but my foot still hurts.

Thursday- my second to last day at my old job- I took a tumble down some stairs. By “some,” I mean “two,” and by “tumble,” I mean “I looked over my shoulder and missed the last two steps and rolled my right foot under me as I flew forward.” It was a graceful moment, that I’m thankful was witnessed by almost every person in the building.

Within a minute or so, I realized I couldn’t stand up, and that the loud “crack” I heard as I fell might be to blame. Thus began a two hour process of begging not to go to the doctor, and assuring everyone that I was fine and that big blue lump across the top of my foot wasn’t anything to worry about. To make a long story shorter: I was promptly whisked away to the by my friend Julie, to have a doctor make me hop down the longest hallway in Queensland, and tell me that my foot isn’t broken and I’d need an x-ray if I wanted to file Worker’s Compensation paperwork. I hate x-rays, and I wasn’t in the mood for paperwork when my job would be ending the next day, so I just hobbled up the stairs to our Shoebox and popped some homeopathics.

High point: Julie mixes a delicious Slurpee, and I can wholeheartedly recommend a combination of lime and raspberry. Low: It hurt.

By Friday morning, I was doing pretty stinking good thanks to Traumeel’s dissolving tabs and lots of arnica cream. Since I could walk normally, I coerced Harli into taking me to a few shops, and out to lunch. Sunday afternoon, I was in agony. Turns out I overdid it.

Yesterday morning, 90 minutes into my first day of a new job, I was in tears and begging Harli to take me to a hospital. My foot was black and blue, and my toes were going numb. Fast forward to the end of the five hours we spent in the hospital, waiting to be seen, x-rayed, and seen again: nothing is broken, but I have ripped every ligament in my right foot and strained a tendon. I’m to stay home with my foot iced and elevated above my heart until Friday, at the earliest. It will take anywhere from two to eight weeks before I can exercise again. There’s nothing I can do to make it heal quicker, other than rest.

Problem: I can’t sit still while at home. I keep walking around to do housework, only to remember that I can’t really put any weight on my foot. This is very trying, and pretty painful. I can’t work out, or stand up long enough to make dinner, so we’ve had take out almost every night this week. It feels like my plans are shattered by my own stupidity, but I know that isn’t true. Please pray anyway, if you’re so inclined. 🙂


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