Oops…I forgot to blog for six weeks

Oops…I forgot to blog for six weeks

I suppose that gives me a big old “FAIL” in the invisible Book of Blogs that someone, somewhere keeps.

Moving on 🙂 I’ve only been doing this since the start of 2011, but I’m already a bit disenchanted by this blog thing. I have so many friends who have witty, engaging, encouraging, or just fun things to share. Me? I feel like a self-centered sausage every time I sit down to craft a post.

Rather than whine about it, I’ll just be that sausage, and share what’s going on in my corner of the Southern Hemisphere.

Here’s what’s up at Paterson Plaza:

– I got a new job with a fantastic university nearby.  I’m really excited, as this job is a really big step up in terms of being challenged, using my skills, and paying off our debts quicker. I start on the 7th of November, just after I turn 25.

– I’m turning 25 in a little over two weeks. This is only worth mentioning because 25 is the age of a real adult. Like, one who can have a child and no one will likely make a “aren’t you a bit young” comment. My mom has reminded me just how old I will be by letting me know that her favorite song while pregnant with me can now be found on Oldies radio. (“Drive” by the Cars, if you’re interested.)

– We’re moving, soon. We’re not sure where, exactly, but it will be before the end of the year. My new job requires some extra juggling in our  morning schedule, so we’re aiming to move somewhere a bit more central, so we can both get where we need to be without incurring the expense of a second car. We’ll be looking at a few places in the next week, or so, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be a bit sad to to leave our Shoebox, as it’s our first “home,” and meets most of our needs without issue. We need a second bedroom, so we can actually extend hospitality to our family members when they make the trip to come see us, and ensure that we have enough space to arrange things as we’d like them. It needs to be in an area we’re comfortable settling into, but still under $330/wk. (All Australian rent is paid by the week. And $330/wk is pretty standard for a two bedroom place. Sad, I know.)

-Harli is thinking of going back to school. This one makes me nervous, as this will reduce our income by at least 15-20% for 18 months, or more, and add to our total debt. He’s not 100% as to which course he’d like to pursue, but it’s something we’re both praying about, and waiting for answers. I support his decision, no matter what. Seriously, I’m behind my husband, and his role in our family.

– We have a new-found love for curry. Spicy, creamy, kick-my-metabolism-into-gear curry. Yumm… The only part I don’t enjoy about making curry is the process of peeling and chopping fresh ginger. Gotta whine about something, I suppose.

– I’m currently trying to avoid going to the doctor for the chest infection I’m enjoying. I sort of abhor antibiotics, so a steady stream of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and other essential oils are being pumped into my system via my diffuser at work. I caught this “ick” off Harli, so he’s feeling especially guilty when he hears me try to speak, and fail because my throat is so raw from coughing and whatnot. He’s a good nurse, most of the time. 🙂

– We’re eagerly awaiting the birth of three new lives in our little world. Harls and I have two sisters who are expecting in the first few months of 2012, and my bestest friend is probably having her daughter right now. Rag quilts will be made when my sewing machine arrives, and organic baby products will be sent as soon as possible.

– I think we’re on day 28 of Purpose Driven Life. This is providing such good fruit for our relationship with the Lord, each other, and the people around us. Loving every moment we spend on this each evening.

– Related to the above, I’m hoping to get more involved at church. I really miss being part of a community, and am finding that I need female accountability in the worst possible way. Small group, here I come (again!)

So, now you know what’s happening in my house. You can stop holding your breath.


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