Natural Hair Detox- Works for Me Wednesday

Natural Hair Detox- Works for Me Wednesday

One aspect of my life which is rarely referenced ’round here is that of my job. There’s no reason for this, aside from the fact that I don’t want to be a blogging advertisement for the company. I mean, it’s good that I love my colleagues, but that’s not what you’re here for 😉

So, I work for an organic skincare, cosmetic, and nutritional company on the Queensland Gold Coast. (Google it…c’mon…) We’re carbon negative, green-powered, and use terms like “superfood” and “antioxidant-rich” to describe company lunches.

One of the things I’ve had to get used to is the notion of “detoxing.” There are so many additives, preservatives, and toxic ingredients in lots of commercially-available products that many of our customers find that their skin, hair, and digestive system experience a knock when they make the switch to certified organic products. Now, detoxing is good- it’s a natural cleanse of the garbage that has built up- but it can also be really, really…irritating. We receive numerous calls and emails regarding the rashes, break outs, tummy aches and greasy hair that come from the detox period. (Usually two to eight weeks, though it can last longer in some cases.)

That last bit- the greasy hair, has kept me from using the organic shampoo produced by the company. Simply put, my hair had a lot of “stuff” to get rid of, so my detox period was particularly bad, and wasn’t something I had the patience to endure. After ruminating on this to a friend in Research & Development, she suggested using one of the purifying skin masks in my hair to speed up the detox. The same ingredients meant to cleanse problem skin of its impurities are also great for the life of the hair. A quick look in our “end of line” (read: not quite enough to fill a container) stock, and I had a jar in my hot little hand.

Green clay=win

I won’t lie- mixing up a mineral mask and spreading it through my hair was messy. But, it stripped every last bit of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate from my raven locks, and has left my hair shiny and new. Not only is my hair genuinely healthier, but the weight of my hair has improved- it now has the ability to bounce. 🙂

One thing I’ve found with products made with entirely natural ingredients: they are delightful for multiple uses. I have used skin blemish gel for burns and mosquito bites, antioxidant nutritional powder to boost acne fighting, and a skin perfecter to clear a fungal rash. This is refreshing, and encouraging, as it’s nice to know that organic products can be just as effective as those with unpronounceable ingredient lists 🙂

What experience have you had with “organic” products? Would you recommend them?

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3 thoughts on “Natural Hair Detox- Works for Me Wednesday

  1. I use just plain old baking soda boiled into water until it dissolves to shampoo my hair took some getting use to but my hair feels better. Then I use apple cider vinegar and water for a rinse.

  2. Becky- I use an apple cider vinegar rinse one a week or so, just to keep the follicles healthy. My hair is very thick, so apparently it needs it more often than I thought. What ration of baking soda:water do you use, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Rachel- Glad to join in 🙂 It’s really exciting to know that there’s a place for my “granola” ways!

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