That Post I Didn’t Do

That Post I Didn’t Do

Hellooooo… So, I never did that post asking for advice on how to handle a particularly sensitive situation. Every draft I did seemed terribly whiny, and not very Christ-like, no matter how hard I tried to be gentle and non-judgmental. Taking that to heart, I’m seeing that I haven’t *been* very Christ-like in my approach and thought process.

There’s no gentle way to complain about another person. A “beneficial” vent doesn’t exist, and a “helpful” whine isn’t really possible for me. Outlining why Person Q is so irritating isn’t going to do anything for anyone, so I won’t be doing it. Gathering up some courage, and following Ephesians 4:29, is what needs to happen.

Instead of laying it all out for your eyes, I’d like to ask for your prayers. Please pray that my tongue is controlled, my lips willing, and my heart open. (While you do that, I’ll pray that I can find a less ridiculous combination of images to convey my hope that I’ll say what needs to be said without being unkind.) Please pray that this situation can be softened, and resolved, without drama or hurt feelings.

God is so much bigger than any earthly situation I encounter. Still, this is beginning to get the better of many of my relationships, and it’s time to quit obsessing and ask for some help.



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