What I Want This Blog To Be

What I Want This Blog To Be

Most days, this little blog gets one or two visits. The occasional jump to 10 or 12 causes my Yankee heart to sing. When my site stats show a big “0,” I feel like a failure.

I want this blog to be an engaging place where the church in Australia meets the mind of a passionately geeky American girl, and tumbles around in the grass until the two are one. There’s plenty to write about on the subject, yet I’ve no clue where to begin. The number of Scripture verses that run through my head, desperately in need of a place to be seen and debated and studies, is astounding, yet very few of them make it into post format. What keeps me from streaming them all out, like the Journalism & Mass Comm major I was?

Occasionally, I just run out of time by the end of the day; between work, keeping our home decently clean and tidy, and handling family matters, I’m busy most days. But, usually, I’m just terrified that one of my sisters-in-law will see what I’ve written, and report back to their mother. I’m sort of the “religious nut” in the family, and I’m none too eager to deal with the lectures and back-biting that come with that title.

*sigh* Moving forward, it’s time to be bold for the LORD. Right? Time to put away the fear of persecution (minor as it may be) and pour out what is on my heart and in my head. Just buckle in and enjoy the ride. Perhaps we’ll even see a kangaroo* on the way. 😉

*’Kangaoos are actually pests in Oz. They hop among back yards in some areas, and can be very mean. Think of them like deer with huge feet. On Christmas Eve afternoon, Harli and I had to stop the car to allow a ‘roo to cross the highway.


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