Readers’ Challenge

Readers’ Challenge

To both of my regular readers : I have a mission for you, ladies. Accept if you wish, disregard if it pleases you. You’re both busy, but I’d really love your opinions/assistance.

Find me a church. I’ve sort of lost confidence in my ability to judge where would be a good fit, so I’m asking my God-fearing, intelligent friends to do it for me. Yea? 🙂

Important stuff:
I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
I used to be part of a house church, and loved it. Hence, formality isn’t crucial.
Community is important. Denomination is not.
Churches which boast a strong supernatural connection may house prophets with diamond-generating abilities.

I eagerly await any suggestions you have. Genuinely, I value your opinions, so don’t be shy. Please? 🙂

K, Ready…steady…go!


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