Why I Can’t Have S’mores

Why I Can’t Have S’mores

Australia does not have graham crackers. Or Hershey bars.

As a matter of fact, the following food items cannot be found in normal stores:

Dr. Pepper

Cherry cola of any sort- Oh, but they still stock Vanilla Coke…?

3 Musketeers

Reese’s anything

Bacon- what they call “bacon” is not bacon. It is diced or rasher-style ham.

Canadian Bacon- try explaining this one to the guy at Pizza Hut

Rapadura/Sucanat/Turbinado- natural sweeteners are hard to find. Stevia has just been introduced here :O

Canned biscuits

Canned cinnamon rolls

Hot Pockets

Jack’s or Tombstone frozen pizza- not that I ate them that regularly, but they were good

Cool Whip

2 liter and 20 oz bottles of pop

Canned frosting

Coupons- no lie; they don’t exist here. And food is double the cost.

Praise the Lord for Aldi. Without that blessed German creation, our food budget would be blown to pieces and I’d live in perpetual confusion when trying to do the grocery shopping.


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