My Little List

My Little List

As the Lord works in my heart, and through my life, I’ve seen how much fruit comes when my attitude is one of thankfulness and joy. Shout to Meagan for making sure that the phrase “attitude of gratitude,” is permanently stuck in my head. Also, shout to the Lord from whom all blessings flow. My, that was cheesy. Moving on.

In keeping with a spirit of gratitude for the life I’ve been given, I’ve been keeping a “grateful list” that I update roughly once a week, usually after my weekly fellowship chat with Megs. The biggest challenge is to never repeat myself. While it’s encouraging to know that I’m continually thankful for the simple joys in life, looking back through a list of 200 to see that I’ve been “grateful for a tuna sandwich on a fresh roll” three times is a tad bit pathetic.

It’s really important to be mindful of the blessings that we’re granted each day. Accomplishments we’ve earned are rarely as amazing as the smaller joys that we do nothing to deserve. The day I received my double-major Bachelor’s degree pales in comparison to waking up next to my sweetheart, and a minor promotion at work is nothing against an email from my mom saying that she’s proud of me.

To reflect this, I thought I’d share a few things that I’m thankful for right now, in the middle of my work day. Yea, I’m blogging at 3:30pm because I’m awesome like that.

1. My flowers are purchased for our Australian wedding on Sunday. Four bunches of pink roses for my sisters-in-law and I to hold as Harli and I celebrate our union with our friends and family.

2. Harli is making dinner tonight, partly because I make dinner every other night of the week, but mainly due to the fact that he makes amazing stir-fry.

3. Laundry to do. Cleanliness is important, you know.

4. The weather is cooling off a little, and it’s chilly enough to snuggle under the sheets at night.

5. Our wedding photographer is amazing. She’s friendly and chilled-out, and is treating our wedding like a journalism job rather than a posed event.

6. Memorization of Colossians is going slowwwwwly. It’s nice to be able to pace myself without worrying about a deadline.

7. We apply for my next visa in just a few weeks! Stressful, but an exciting new step in my life in Oz.

8. Sharing a friend’s joy. It can be so hard to be genuinely happy for someone else, especially if they have what you want. But, by refreshing others, we ourselves are refreshed. (Prov 11:25)

9. An honest apology issued, and accepted. This is another one that I’m thankful for on a regular basis.

10. Jokes about walking down the “aisle” (read: between some bamboo torches) to “Eye of the Tiger,” “Living on a Prayer,” or “All the Dumb Things.” Google the last one- it’s by Paul Kelly, and one of my new favorites.

What are you grateful for? What makes your day brighter?


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