We’ll never achieve it. Moving on.

The last few days have been amazing. God has been so present, so clearly a part of each day’s trials and blessings. Every cynical inch of me is waiting for something to go wrong. Because- hey- nothing ever stays good, right?

Maybe that’s wrong. Well, more than maybe.

As a Follower of Christ, we are so closely reminded of our sin and the forgiveness granted to us by Jesus’ sacrifice, that sometimes we may forget that our relationship with Him does not begin and end with our inequity. Sometimes, He corrects us, especially when we’ve lost sight of His commands. And, sometimes, He blesses us- for no other reason than we are His and He loves to see our joy. Each day is a reminder that He is a Living God: active, attentive, and relevant.

So, I might be so bold as to say the following: The Lord has blessed me beyond any plans I might hope to have. The worries of last year are fading; they’re not gone, but it becomes easier and easier to face what used to cripple me. I lived in fear of repaying my student loans for years, long before my graduation date. Now, it’s a ten minute task once a month. The thought of uncertainty used to leave me in an anxious panic. He’s erased that, and replaced it with some sort of weird adult confidence that “everything will be OK; if it isn’t, it’s time to pray for a change.”

Best, the joys are stronger, somehow more poignant. The simplest of moments has become a wonder. Please let me share? 🙂

A few days ago, I laid stretched out on the sand in the bright Australian sun as my sweet husband reminded me that he’s meant to be in the water as he body-surfed until he was too tired to stand. Pure and wonderful enjoyment of the Psalms and fresh ocean air filled our afternoon as the Lord reminded us that He’s put us exactly where He wants us, for now.

Saturday afternoon, I was blessed- as I am every week- to spend two hours with my best friend in the United States.  She calls it “Friday Fellowship,” because our weekly meeting takes place on Friday evening for her. I call it my “Saturday Support,” because I love alliteration. For a few hours each week, we pour out what’s on our hearts, and where God is taking us; we encourage one another in our walk in Christ, and hold each other accountable.  I’m so blessed by her and her family. She’s quite the hostess, too! God blessed me immensely by giving me Meagan; she knows exactly where my heart is.

Sunday, my husband sat beside me in church, and called out “me!” when our pastor asked who believed that Christ can do anything. I nearly wept in joy. Harli is my sunshine, and in time you’ll hear plenty about the spouse God gave me. He’s pretty awesome, and the Lord worked some serious miracles to bring us together, and keep us joined.

Tonight, I’m making homemade pizza. From scratch, and full of fresh veggies and free-range chicken. Why? Because I love to make it, it’s easy and nourishes us, and Harli made a request.  Even a few months ago, such a simple act would not leave me grateful. Today it’s just another reminder that He is for me, and not against me.

Life’s perfect. I live in a very tiny apartment, and all of our paychecks are carefully planned to pay off far too many debts, but I need and want for nothing.  He is so good. So, so good.

That’s all. The end. 🙂


One thought on “Perfection

  1. That’s what JesusSisters are for, to bless each other. Like you bless me. Or maybe He blesses us through each other. I dunno. That was too deep for an afternoon that lacked napping. lol

    Loving you and your blog,
    Meagan 🙂

    PS this American turned Aussie thing is throwing me off… I thought for a brief unthinking moment that this was October and I missed summer somehow. I seriously need that nap.

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