Crock-Pot Whoops

Crock-Pot Whoops

Alright, so in a radical shift from my faith-related ruminations, sit back and listen to a tale of “Kraft Slow-Cooker Tex-Mex,” too much salsa, and some pouting. Seriously, sit down. Close YouTube, give your children an icy-pole (it’s what the Aussies call a popsicle), and enjoy some kitchen stupidity.

K, so. I love to cook. This is mainly b/c I love to eat. They tend to go together. In the last four months of living with my husband, I’ve come to really enjoy trying new recipes. Most have been pretty simple, and turned out well enough. There have been a few “meh” moments; i.e.: too much cheese in the baked potato soup, too much mozzarella in my homemade mac & cheese; too much cheese on the enchiladas. See a pattern? Good. Really, if I follow the recipe, I don’t have to worry.

For Christmas, one of Harli’s sisters- he has three, and they’re non-identical triplets- gave us a slow cooker. I was giddy. I loved using my slow-cooker when I lived with my old roommate, especially on long days. Handy especially for some very unhealthy pizza casserole. I like me some cheese, it seems.

I digress. Back to the slow-cooker. She gave us the world’s largest slow-cooker. Like, “feeds 8-10” size. If I was a Duggar, or regularly hosted friends for dinner, this would be fantastic. (I guess if I were a Duggar I’d need at least two of these suckers.) As it’s just the pair of us, using our huge freaking slow-cooker is a bit difficult. You see, for it to work “right,” it has to be 2/3 full. Simple enough, right?

Well, combine a barely 1/4 slow-cooker with my spontaneous decision to not really follow the recipe, and I got a pot of…no. The recipe called for two capsicum (read: bell pepper- I’m trying to adapt to non-American speech)- I used a bunch of leftover slices, so I maybe used one, total. It asked for uncooked chicken, tossed in flour and Mexican seasoning; I used already cooked chicken seasoned with my standard Aldi “Everyday Seasoning” grinder. One cup of frozen corn was substituted with an a full can of corn. A cup and a half of salsa became an unmeasured dump of the salsa left in the fridge. And I thought this would work.

In all honesty, it smelled great, and tasted lovely. It just wasn’t what the recipe was supposed to be, and this made me pouty. So, my loving hubby kissed me on the forehead, took me to Oporto (soooo good) for dinner, and told me to not to worry.

Well, I read way too many homemaking blogs, so I couldn’t stand the thought of not putting the slow-cooker goo to good use. Twelve tortillas and some cheese later, and we have three meals all put together and tucked away in the freezer.

A post on freezer cooking will come soon. I can tell you’re eager.

Worth mentioning: as I put together what we’re calling the “Mega Salsa Wraps,” my 30 year-old husband watched an episode of “Star Wars: the Clone Wars.” As in, the computer animated, between Episodes III and IV, show that was/is on Cartoon Central. We have a wild life.


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