Because no one really says “G’day”

Because no one really says “G’day”

Allow me to introduce you to my little corner of the world. It happens to be the most beautiful corner imagineable- the gorgeous Gold Coast in far-away Australia– and you are always most welcome. And, it’s true: no one here says “g’day.” Well, not intentionally. They say lots of other amazingly Australian stuff. More later 🙂

Like many women in their mid-twenties, I’m full of dreams, goals, and a boatload of ideas. Most of them are far-fetched and simply hopeful; many I will never see fully realized. However, they are all part of this amazing journey the LORD has put in front of this Iowa girl-turned-Queenslander.

My mission in life: live boldly for the Father who gave me life, the Son who loves me more than I can fathom, and the Spirit who fights daily to keep me in line. It’s never easy, but it’s an adventure I wouldn’t trade.

I look at faith like I look at working out. (No, this doesn’t mean I only consider God when I realize I haven’t eaten a vegetable in 48 hours.) Faith is hard. It’s work, and it often seems like others are born exactly where you want to be. But, the more you put into it, the stronger and healthier you become. In short: it can really suck, but the reward will forever outweigh the pain- the sore muscles, awkward conversations when someone asks how it’s going, and plaguing feeling that there’s no point in trying.

Welcome to the world of Faith in Oz.


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